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Infrared Inspection Services / Thermography

Pro Electric’s specialized division of HEATSEEKER Infrared Inspection Services is one of Kelowna’s premiere thermography providers.  Bruce Wiebe is our Thermographer and he has recently taken over the division.  Bruce joined us in 1992 and became a Journeyman Electrician through us working until 2011 when he underwent training to become a Thermographer.  We have a client base consisting of power authorities, lumber mills and hospitals as well as a variety of manufacturing companies, builders, restoration companies and more. Realtors and homeowners take advantage of our infrared inspection services as well to discover problem areas undetectable by conventional methods.

Switch Heating at Jaw and Hinge Connection

Overloaded Breaker

Check status of floor heating without damaging tile

Our infrared inspection process is comprehensive and is focused on:

  • prevention (i.e Insurance Coverage Requirement)
  • detecting potential electrical problems for manufacturers and power authorities in advance before they cause breakdowns which could result in loss of service and revenue
  • locating abandoned heating sources in old homes
  • troubleshooting electrical problems in panels and other hard to reach spots
  • detecting hot spots in industrial buildings
  • viewing floor heat cables to determine if damaged without disturbing tile floors

Also, upon request, HEATSEEKER Infrared Inspection will generate a detailed Report complete with images and descriptions of each anomaly and its exact location as required by Insurance Companies.  They can also prepare Custom Estimates to suit each client's needs.

For more information or to schedule an Infrared Inspection please contact our HEATSEEKER Infrared Inspection Services division manager or call toll free 1-866-763-4033

Bruce Wiebe
Cell: 250-801-8909
Office: 250-860-5818

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